There are a lot of camera accessories for smart phones these days. One of the simplest is the selfie stick. The selfie stick is just one of many though, and shows us the weird ways that phone accessories work. Some of them are made for really weird purposes, but are so helpful and amazing that you need them. The following are just some of the strangest phone accessories that actually do a world of good.

The HTC RE Camera

The RE Camera, as it’s called, resembles a periscope. It looks silly but it’s great for underwater shooting or filming just above the water. It’s completely waterproof up to ten feet (and can go to 30 if you use the rubber case). It captures both images and videos at really high quality and is so advanced it can sense when you’re holding it so there’s no need to turn it on or off.


Sony QX 1

Sony have developed some of the best high definition cameras around and now, thanks to the QX 1, they can turn your phone in to an incredible 20.1 megapixel digital camera. You can also use lenses to make it more powerful. It’s capable of shooting 10 frames per second and records in incredible high quality. It’s ideal for people who want both a phone and a high quality digital camera. The QX 1 is pricey, but it’s still cheaper than a camera this powerful.


The Narrative Clip

The Narrative Clip looks a little bit like a clip on microphone. It’s actually a clip on camera. It takes pictures every thirty seconds using a high definition 5 megapixel camera. Set it to shoot for as long as you want and see what really goes on in your life. There is also a second version that has wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. So it sends the pictures to your phone much faster.


Muku Shutter Remote

The Muku Shutter Remote does what you’d expect something called a “shutter remote” to do. It lets you control the camera on your phone from up to 30 feet away. Simply put your phone on a tripod, move away from it, and take that awesome group photo without running to beat the delay timer. There are different brands of shutter remotes out there, so don’t feel you’re stuck with Muku.


Holga iPhone Lens

The iPhone lens looks a bit like a rotary phone which each hole having a different color. The lenses give you a choice of nine different filters for your iPhone to give you much more choice when it comes to taking pictures. No more waiting until you upload your picture to Instagram to apply a filter to it. Now you can take a picture with a filter already applied to it.




The Panono is essentially a ball with 36 lenses attached to it. You mount it to something, or throw it up in to the air, and it takes 36 pictures at once to give you a 360 degree view of the world around you. It takes pictures at an incredible 108-megapixel resolution. You do need to use the special Panono app to view them though and, given that this is all it does, it may be seen as too expensive by some.


Chest Mount

If you want an action shot without investing in a Go Pro then you can just invest in a handy dandy chest mount for your iPhone instead. It gives you a good POV shot and holds your iPhone in place in a strong case. Use your hands to stay upright and don’t worry too much if you do fall. Your phone should be safe.


These are just some of the whacky and wonderful camera phone accessories out there. They sound really silly at first until you understand the real potential that they have. There’s so much you can do with the camera on your phone that you owe it to yourself to take a look at the accessories. You want to get the best pictures that you can after all.