The CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, is the biggest showcase for new consumer electronics each year. The name may have given it away a little. This is the show where all the big players in the electronics industry show off the newest toys they’ve invented for tech savvy geeks around the world. These are just some of the best things to come out of the 2015 CES.

LG G Flex 2 Wins the Award for Best New Smart Phone

People wondered why you would ever want or need a flexible smart phone when LG announced the original G Flex. Some people were impressed with the idea but it never really entered the mainstream. This didn’t stop LG however. They knew they were on to something good and carried on. They unveiled the LG Flex 2 at the CES and it represents a huge achievement in technology. It’s far more practical than the first generation and, as it will be one of the first phones to support the latest model of the Snapdragon 810 chip, it should do much better than its predecessor. Update: LG G6 is out now and is sold for around $650. Find the best accessories for the phone here.


Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash Wins Best Accessory Award

Whether you use a selfie stick or not everyone has taken selfies with their phones. It’s inevitable that you’ll do it. But it can be hard to take a selfie in the dark. Camera phones only have a flash on the back after all. The Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash by Lenovo aims to change that. It plugs in to the headphone jack on your phone and provides you with the light you need to take a good quality picture even in the dark. Most of the accessories available this year were things like battery packs so this one really stood out. Another gadget that stood out was the FLIR that turns an iPhone into a thermal imaging camera, which is pretty awesome.


LG WebOS Smart Watch Wins Best Smart Watch Award

LG is back again to win another award. This time they win one for their WebOS Smart Watch. It runs on the WebOS system rather than Android Wear and has a lot of cool features. Though what really sets this watch apart is that it was designed in conjunction with Audi. If you own an Audi car then you can use this watch as a pair of car keys by making use of NFC connectivity. Tap it on the car door to unlock it and then tap it against the dash to power up your car. It’s not out yet but should be out soon now it’s made an appearance.


Garmin Vivoactive Wins Best Fitness Device Award

Garmin has created many great sports watches in the past and are now moving headfirst into the smart watch territory. Their Garmin Vivoactive is more of a hybrid between a smart watch and a sports watch than anything else. It comes with a built in GPS to track how far you’ve moved and has several apps for different physical exercises such as running, swimming, and golf. It also has a built in heart rate monitor to provide you with accurate numbers on how many calories you’ve lost, as well as making sure you keep your heart rate at the optimal rate for exercise.


Belkin WeMo Wins Best Smart Home Gadget Award

More and more smart home gadgets are popping up on the market these days. You can control the heating and lighting in your home using a smartphone these days. You can even boil a kettle using your phone. Belkin is no exception to this. They have recently expanded their WeMo line to include more gadgets such as motion detectors, door and window sensors, and even a keychain. It helps you keep your home secure while you are away and alerts you should something bad happen. Each of these sensors can be monitored with a handy smartphone app and the sensor can be easily attached to your keychain so you can’t lose it. You can even attach it to a pet if you want to. It will send you alerts based on the location and status of the sensors.


These are just some of the great devices to come out of the 2015 CES. If you’re interested in technology and the next advancements then you owe it to yourself to check out the CES each year. It is one the biggest tech expos and is where all the coolest things get shown. So take a look at what comes out each year and get excited about the way the world is moving forward. Or you may just get left behind!